Captain's Message


What a summer it has been! Last month saw our fantastic Member Guest Tournament, and once again we had a huge field and everyone seemed to have a great time. Huge congratulations to Beth Cooney and her committee!

Our Club continues to do great in HSTP play. We're currently in 5th place in the league (after our latest strong showing at Sierra Sage). Our ladies have really been performing on team days!

The Club Championship is coming up in September, so make sure you have played the minimum 7 days with the Women's Club.

Happy golfing!

Linda Celestre

HSTP Standing

Wow! The conditions must have been perfect last week because the qualifying scores were separated by single strokes. Thanks to all 15 women vying for a spot on the team.

Here is our Team for August:

Mary Brock
Linda Celestre, Acting Captain
Susie Forrest
Denise Johnson
Dianne Nicholson
Margaret Turner
Kathy Hudson
Pat HIxson

Good luck everyone.

Plus - Good News just in. Red Hawk maintained it's 5th place position in the High Sierra Team Play through 3 months. Great performance everyone. Terrific momentum moving forward. Amazing!

Juleen Marcuerquiaga


Congratulations Denise Johnson!

Great job Denise for her hole in one on July 24th, the Hills Course, hole # 13.

New Member Labels

Don't forget to update your club booklet with the address labels provided in the ladies lounge.

Golf Clinics

The pro shop is offering a series of clinics. Go to the RHWGC site and click on Events for more information, or click here.

Eclectic Update

Just a reminder: In order for a game to be included in the Eclectic Tournament, the golfer must play the ball into the hole. The golfer cannot pick up the ball and calculate what she thinks she would score or stop at her max score allowed to post. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remind Jeff or whomever is scoring the cards to put them in Judy Pierce's box as I keep track of the number of games golfers play to be eligible for the club championship.

Judy Pierce


A few reminders regarding Goddess and Club Championship

Wasn't that a great member/guest tournament? Well now it is time to mellow out just a little, and then start thinking about the Golf Goddess and Club Championship tournaments. Many of the Golf Goddess flights have started their matches, and it looks like others are starting now that the member/guest is behind us. Great planning! It's better to get started than to leave them all until September since all matches must be completed by October 3rd. The Club Championship is for Saturday 9/17 and Sunday 9/18. As a reminder, to be eligible for the club championship members must have played (7) 18 hole RHWGC events on Thursday and/or Saturday individual formats.

Peggy Henderson

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