JULY 2016
Captain's Message


I can't believe that June has come to a close and the Member Guest Tournament is right around the corner! Once again we have a very large field, with a total of 34 teams this year. Beth Cooney and her committee have been doing a great job making sure everything is in place to insure another outstanding event.

Our Thursday and weekend play days have been well attended this year, and the tournament chairs have done a great job of getting us additional tee times when we’ve needed them (and even with that effort we've had waiting lists each weekend). Thanks to Peggy Henderson and Kimberly Carden for working through all the logistics.

I also want to welcome our two newest members, Becky Blohm and Michelle Matthews to the club. Becky is a good friend of Linda Dankoff and recently moved here from the midwest. Michelle recently moved here from the Bay Area, where she was a member at Poplar Creek Golf Club. Please make a point of seeking these ladies out and welcoming them to our club.

Enjoy this weather and get in lots of great golf!!!


D'Hawk Tournament Results

Drum roll, please. The Red Hawk Women's Golf Club D'Hawk Tournament team has prevailed over the ladies from D'Andrea for the 4th year in a row! Congratulations to the entire Red Hawk team of 22 ladies. Denise and I thank you all for your participation and great play. It was a wonderful day and great fun. The final point score for this year was D'Andrea 92, Red Hawk 106.

Catherine Crispel and Denise Johnson


2016 Member Guest Gold Medal Challenge
July 13-14, 2016

The tournament is just around the corner and we're looking forward to a fun time for everyone. We are officially sold-out with 32 teams participating this year. Your committee has been busy gathering raffle prizes and finalizing all the details to have a spectacular two days!

New this year: Closest to the Pin on two holes and a Most Accurate Drive contest in addition to the popular Five Flags contest. We also hope you'll love our cart seat cover tee prizes.

If you would like to contribute a basket or items for our raffle, we'd love to have it. Please contact Patti Henderson.

A great tournament like this one takes outstanding volunteers. Thank you in advance to everyone who has helped to make this tournament a success! The fun starts at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13th. We look forward to seeing you there.

Beth Cooney
Tournament Chair

Sue Annala earns her "Broke 90's" Pin

RHWGC awards pins for breaking 70, 80, 90, or 100 when golfing on Thursday or Saturday play days. To achieve these personal best awards you literally must hit BELOW 70, 80, 90 or 100. Sue earned her 90’s pin by blasting through 90 all the way to 85 on Thursday June 30th. Well-done Sue! If you or a member of your foursome should accomplish this feat, please tell Peggy Henderson or Kimberly Carden.


Rules - Explanation of Moveable and Immovable Obstructions

Some of you are asking about rules situations that are commonly encountered during play. One such instance is moving an obstruction. First, there are moveable obstructions such as rakes, trash or drainage hoses. You are entitled to relief without penalty. If your ball moves as you remove the obstruction, you must replace it. If the ball is on the obstruction, you may lift your ball, remove the obstruction and drop you ball as near as possible to where it lay, but not nearer the hole. You are allowed to move a moveable obstruction that interferes with your stance or intended swing.

Next are immovable obstructions such as sprinkler heads, fence that is not a boundary marker or cart path. When your ball lies in, on or so close to an immovable obstruction that it interferes with your stance or intended area of swing, you are entitled to relief without penalty. You may lift your ball and drop it within one club length of the nearest point of relief on the course nearest to where the ball lay, no nearer to the hole, if it is not in a hazard or on the putting green. If the immovable obstruction is in a bunker, you may life and drop your ball within the bunker without penalty, or take one stroke penalty and drop outside and behind the bunker on the extension of the line from the hole through the spot where the ball originally lay in the bunker. On the green, lift and place as above remaining on the green. You may receive relief from interference with the line of putt if both the ball and the obstruction are on the green. You may not get relief if your ball is off the green and you intend to putt, where there is a sprinkler head in your line of putt off the green.

Next is the issue of finishing a hole. We've all played a hole where the wheels come off and we want to just give up, pick up our ball and go to the next hole. The USGA rules require that in stroke play, the ball must always be holed out - failure to do so results in disqualification. Match Play is different, and an opponent may concede a hole and pick up. There is some confusion about our Ladies Club handbook, which allows for 'incomplete holes' (page 28, POST:WHAT TO POST/UNPLAYED HOLES/INCOMPLETE HOLES- #5). If you do not complete a hole, you must signify an 'X-Out' on your score card and record the score you most likely would have had if you had holed out. Marking a score with an 'X-Out' allows the player to continue playing and posting a score at the end of the round. If you do not finish a hole during weekly tournament play (and X-Out), you become ineligible for that game. Do not confuse Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) with an X-Out. As an example, if you are on the Hills Course on #10 and are lying 9 still off the green, you can't pick up and mark a score of '9 X-Out' on your card, as you would have most likely scored an 11 if you had continued to hole out. Remember that by picking up, you are disqualifying yourself from the game. For posting purposes only in that same scenario, if your handicap is 25 and you recorded an X-Out score of 11 on that hole, you would subtract 3 strokes from your total score at the end of the round because the maximum number that a player can post with a 25 handicap on any hole is an 8. ESC is for posting purposes to avoid a player recording a very high score which might inflate their handicap calculation.

Dianne Nicholson

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