JUNE 2016
Captain's Message


As we approach summer, our club has grown! Please welcome our newest members Charlene Swanson, Jody Longballa, and Elizabeth Bush-Ivie. Hopefully they will get a chance to play with many of you this summer and experience a warm welcome from all of us!

First, I want to again congratulate the ladies who participated in the first HSTP event of the year, held here at Red Hawk. Team Captain Juleen led the charge, and our ladies responded by coming in first place!!! I understand that this is the first time we have ever been in first place, so we should all be proud. Let's keep it going!

Next, I would like to thank Jeannie Hansen and Jere Blue for putting together such a fun Intraclub Tournament, as well as all the "Angel Babies" and "Devil Women" who participated. I believe in the end the Angels won, but everyone seemed to have a good time, so we're all winners! And I would also like to thank Sue Annala and Pam Kolko for putting together the very enjoyable Cinco de Mayo dinner.

Also, our annual Member Guest Tournament is right around the corner. I hope you're all getting your teams together! If you wish to put together a basket or secure a donation, please let Beth Cooney or Jeannie Hansen know. If you have a Hole Sponsor ($100), please notify Launi Logan. It isn't mandatory, but I know some of you enjoy that.

Finally, you will soon be receiving information about our Home and Home Tournament with Wolf Run, coming up in August. Be looking for it, and be sure to sign up early, as we're limited on the number of players.

Happy golfing!


Tournament and EC Update

Match play has started. You have from now until October 3rd to get your four matches in. It is a good idea to start early so you are not caught at the end with all of them to do. Place your scorecard in the 'Golf Goddess' envelope next to Jeff Hwang's desk. Please see Linda Dankoff for any questions.

When playing on Thursdays, please don't exchange your cards until all players have verified the cards are correct and indicate the tee they are playing for EC. Players need to circle the tees they are playing or write on the scorecard the tees they decide to play. All players are always responsible for the correctness of their own cards. As long as you have paid into EC you are eligible to participate as long as you play 18 holes.

Peggy Henderson and Judy Pierce

The Eclectic Tournament in Relationship to “Buy-Ins to the Game” on Play Days

As of this season, when a player arrives late, she is not able to buy into the day's game. (Players must have paid and be in the cart 15 minutes before carts head out to course or they are late.) Since this rule caused a player to not be able to participate in a day's game, it brought up the question of how it affects the Eclectic Tournament.

The Eclectic Tournament runs all golf season as entry fees are paid when the members register. Therefore, if a golfer is late and not able to buy in or if a golfer chooses to not buy into the game on play day, the golfer’s eclectic is entered for that game as long as they play all 18 holes.

  • A golfer must play all 18 holes.
  • Late arrival golfers’ scores count if all 18 holes are played.
  • All putts for the Eclectic score must be holed out.
  • Enter actual score on scorecard; not the max a golfer can take based on their handicap.
  • Scorecards must show full score, tee played, EC written, dated, signed, and attested. Golfer writes EC on her own card.
  • DQ'd golfers' scores are not entered.

This is one happy lady!

Congratulations to Patsy Hottendorf for her Eagle on #16, the Lakes during ladies play day.

Booklet Updates
  • Please delete the home phone number for Caryl Sandall
  • Pick up stickers for our new members in the ladies lounge.
  • Please delete the home phone number for Caryl Sandall
  • Correction to Jean Marting's cell phone ending in 1880, NOT 1881.


In order for everyone to maximize their enjoyment of the game, certain overriding principles of etiquette should be followed. Basic consideration should be shown to your fellow competitors on the course at all times. The game relies on integrity, sportsmanship and courtesy- that is the spirit of the game of golf. It is each players responsibility to know and abide by the rules. Click to read this great article by Dianne Nicholson.


Mary Brock sent me this interesting article that points out all the health benefits of golf. Click to read.

Do you have a an interesting story or photo to share? Send them to Rae Morrow at raemorrow@charter.net, or text 775-626-7722.


RHWGC Member Guest Gold Medal Challenge

Wednesday, July 13 & Thursday, July 14, 2016
Put together your foursome and sign up now for this year's Member-Guest Tournament. Our theme celebrates the Rio Summer Olympic Games, and we have a lot of fun in store for you and your guests.

The $125 fee includes one entry into the Horserace Tournament, and one entry into the putting contest. If you don't want to do the Horserace, you can opt for two putting contest entries. In celebration of the Rio theme, we'll be celebrating Wednesday evening with margaritas and a taco bar at the Talon's Nest.

Thursday is the main event with the 18-hole tournament on the Hills course. There are fun contests and over $4,000 in tournament prizes. We are planning to have even better raffle prizes than last year!

All golfers who register by the June 22 deadline are guaranteed to receive a great tee prize, so be sure to secure yours! Call or email Beth Cooney, tournament chair, at 775-544-6026 or beth.cooney@me.com if you have any questions. Click to download the form.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Once a month, you'll notice league days are "High Sierra Team qualifying days." What does that mean? Twenty northern Nevada women's clubs participate in a season long tournament (May through October). One day each month the clubs send six players to a different competition course. These six players (by virtue of qualifying three low gross and three low net) compete for 'points.' Total team points accumulate for the season with the winning team holding the bragging rights until the following year. Points are awarded per hole: values from double bogey(one point) to eagle (eight points). To understand this better see the RHWGC booklet, page 31. On the day of the round players are paired with competitors of similar handicaps. Remember, you are competing against yourself to get that "par and four points," so it doesn't really matter who you are competing against. This format is a great way to meet golfers from neighboring courses, and it will give you the chance to challenge yourself to try something new and meet new golfing friends.

You are receiving this because you are a registered 2016 member of the RHWGC. www.rhwgc.com