MAY 2016
Captain's Message

Happy May Everyone!

Hopefully we will have beautiful weather in May, as we have lots of activities planned!!! This month we have the Cinco de Mayo Dinner, the start of the HSTP season right here at Red Hawk, the Intra-Club tournament, and the beginning of our Golf Goddess matches. Also in May is the private club Blind Draw tournament and we have the first play dates for the Senior Womens Golf League. Adding those events to our regular play days on Thursdays and Saturdays (not to mention the Tuesday group) really makes for a jam-packed month! I think these are great golfing opportunities to be shared with good friends old and new.

Your Board and Tournament Committees are hard at work putting together great events for later in the year as well. We all hope you have a great time this year, and participate in as many tournaments and events as possible. Here’s to all of us playing great golf!!!

Linda Celestre

Did you know?

That as of January, 2016 you can no longer post your score if you are playing a round alone. The USGA felt this supported the tenets of peer review, providing a more accurate view of a golfer's ability, supporting integrity, fairness and equitable play among all golfers. You are considered 'accompanied' as long as someone is with the player during the round (e.g., fellow competitor, opponent, caddie, marker for a tournament, friend riding along in a cart). The player must be accompanied for at least seven holes for a nine-hole score, or 13 holes for an 18-hole score. This is consistent with Section 5-1 and the minimum number of holes played under the Rules of Golf. More reason to golf with friends...happy golfing.

Changes to USGA Rules of Golf 2016

As I learn of changes to the rules of golf they will be noted in the newsletter and posted to the general information page of the website. Four new changes have just been announced. Please visit the website and click on the individual changes to learn more. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Dianne Nicholson

D'Hawk Cup Tournament

Red Hawk now has 22 players signed up for the D'Hawk Cup tournament against D'Andrea. As you know, this has been changed to a one day event, Tuesday, June 7. The format is 2-gal best ball, match play, and you would be paired and playing with ladies with similar handicaps. The tournament is scheduled for the Hills, red tees.

We currently have only one alternate and are looking for 2 or 3 more in case anyone has to withdraw (there are usually a couple with this many players).

The buy-in is $35 and includes lunch (with a glass of wine!). We will be paying closest to the pin on at least 1 par 3 and prize money will extend to about 30% of the field.

Please reply to me asap and let me know if you could be an alternate.

Catherine Crispel

Email Catherine at:

Handicap Chair Update

Since the beginning of the season, I have been approached with several questions regarding the handicapping system, so I thought I’d try to cover some information here. It will be redundant for many, but perhaps informative for a few, which will make it worthwhile.

First, our season officially began on March 15. That means that any round played on that date or after MUST be posted. So if you played a round in late March or early April without posting it, please go back and do that.

Next, please don’t forget that EVERY round you play MUST be posted. While it is easy to go out and play with a friend or spouse and simply not post, that is not acceptable. Unless you play fewer than seven holes, you must post a score (post a nine hole score if you play 7-12 holes, and an 18 hole score if you play 13 or more holes, using par plus any handicap strokes to score unplayed holes).

Please remember that the principles of golf are based on ethics, fairness, and honesty. The handicapping system was designed in order to make the game fair to all players, not to punish anyone. If players have questions about other players postings, they can easily look up another member’s handicap and posted scores themselves on the available computers, and if there are concerns, they can bring those up to me or another member of the Handicap Committee.

An important change this year is that you no longer post a round where you played alone. So keep that in mind.

If you have any questions about any situation involving handicaps, please feel free to contact me, or someone in the pro shop.

Julia Goodermote

Email Julia at:

Tips to Speed Up Play

Wow! Our weather is really topsy turvey this month, but as the weather improves, the course will quickly become more crowded. There are a couple of tricks all of us can be mindful of in order to help speed up our play and make the round an enjoyable one.

When at the tee: a) Don’t sit waiting for everyone to get out of the cart. If you find yourself saying, ‘I don’t like to tee off first,’ you can help relieve stress from others by taking the initiative. b) Let the scorers enter the score and the others tee off first.

In the fairway: Get to that ball and hit quickly. a) Drop off one player and drive to your ball, but hey, don’t forget to go back and pick up your partner or it will be a long 18 holes! b) Plan your shot as you approach your ball, take your practice swings while others are getting to their ball and then go ahead and slam that ball down the middle of the fairway. c) While you are standing at your ball, if you find yourself watching a player come across the fairway to get to her ball farther back, go ahead and take that practice swing and hit the ball.

Putt and leave the green as soon as possible: If you can, study the green and line up your putt while others are chipping and putting. After two players putt-out, jump in a cart and head to the next tee box for your next par. The rest of the group can follow. … of course, they WILL miss that once in a lifetime drive that you will have.

Are you telling that great story or joke when it is your turn to hit? Take a time out., let the suspense build so to speak , by hitting your ball and then complete the story. It’ll add drama and flair to your story and keep the group moving along.

These are simple ideas to help keep up and never get behind. Have fun and remember to support your local sheriff, the speed of play sheriff that is!

Kimberly Carden & Peggy Henderson


Time to brag about the success of three local ladies.

Congratulations Fran Cool for her hole in on May 3 of the Intra Club tournament! Achieved on the Hills #11.

Katrina Prendergast

Mountain West Conference Championship

Dinah Shore Course @ Rancho Mirage, CA

April 18-20, 2016 Colorado State

T-2, Individual
71-73-73 = 217

Trae Jones

Women’s Golf California Pacific Championship

Brookside #1 Golf Club April 2016

Team Champion
Embry Riddle's first place finish (Total Score 904) means they will be in the NAIA National Championship at Savannah Quarters Country Club, in Poole, Georgia on May 17-20.

Embry Riddle, T-3 Individual
83-76-77 = 236

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