October 2017

Wow! Another golf season gone in a blink!

Looking back, I feel good about the year overall. What a great group of ladies we have, and I really appreciated how so many of you stepped up and took on responsibilities in order to make sure everyone had a fun year. I would especially like to thank the RHWGC Board: Vice President, Mary Brock; Treasurer, Chris Herauf; Secretary, Kixie Pugh; Rules, Dianne Nicholson; Handicap, Julia Goodermote; HSTP, Tammy Vineyard; Membership, Sue Annala; Thursday Tournaments, Michelle Matthews; Saturday Tournaments, Kimberly Carden; Special Events/Social, Patti Henderson (assisted by Karole Davis and Margie McAlister); Newsletter/IT, Rae Morrow; Birdies/Chip-Ins, Margaret Turner; Eclectic, Judy Pierce; and Historian/Scrapbook, Pam Kolko.

I would also like to thank the ladies who took on the responsibility of chairing special tournaments: Member Guest, Pam Kolko; D'Hawk, Kixie Pugh and Chris Herauf; Intra Club, Michelle Matthews; and Golf Goddess, Janie Smith. All of our tournaments were successful and lots of fun!

In addition to golf, we had some great social events this year. Whether it was organizing the food and decorations for a tournament, or orchestrating a great event like the St. Patrick's Day dinner, or the Nine With You and BBQ, Patti, Karol, and Margie did a super job!

This club can't run without volunteers to do the work to provide our members with lots of fun golf and social events. I want to thank each and every one of you who took a role in making this Club the fun group that it is!

On another note, I would like to congratulate Tammy Vineyard on becoming our new Club Champion! She really put two great days of golf together to overcome very stiff competition. Well done Tammy!

And of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention the heartbreaking loss of Anna Maitoza, one of the founding members of RHWGC, and an early Captain. We all miss you Anna, and hope every day you're shooting under par!

In closing, I hope you all had as much fun this year as I did, and I hope that next year if you are asked to contribute (or want to just volunteer for a position or job) you will do so.

Thanks Ladies. I adore you all!

Linda Celestre

With Great Saddness We Say Goodbye to Anna

Anna Maitoza was a founding member of the Red Hawk Women’s Golf Club, and was instrumental in making it the powerful, active group it is today. She was deeply involved in the golfing community in the Reno/Sparks area, and we will miss her smile and playful sense of humor.

Anna’s husband, Joe, and her daughter, Stefanie, invite you to a Celebration of Life to honor her memory. It will be held in the Event Center on October 10 at 3:00 p.m. At Joe’s request, please wear golf attire, with an emphasis on Bling in honor of Anna.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to The First Tee of Northern Nevada or the SPCA of Northern Nevada.



Evergreen Carpet Care is once again collecting coats for the needy. Please bring clean used or new coats to the General Meeting on October 28, or drop them off at Sheri Carlsen’s house. This year Evergreen is especially concentrating on children's coats but all donations are gratefully accepted.


In the past couple of years the RHWGC ladies have opened their pantries and checkbooks to help support the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. Once again, we will be collecting food or checks for our annual food bank donation at this year's Awards and Holiday Dinner on November 16. Checks should be written out to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, and any food items need to be non perishable and no glass. Click here to find out the items that are needed. Take care not to donate items that have reached their expiration date.

Tammy Vineyard

2017 RHWGC Champion

Congratulations to our new RHWGC Club Champion, Tammy Vineyard, for putting together two days of great golf! Tammy's results: 84-80 = 164.

And, a big congrats to Mary Brock for accomplishing low net for the tournament! Mary's results: 86-80 = 166.

End-of-the-Year Eclectic Notes

The last updated results for the Eclectic for the year through September 30 has been distributed. The final results of the Eclectic will not be published through Email, but will be presented at the Awards Dinner in November. You ladies have certainly played well, so it will be exciting to present the winners.

Judy Pierce
Eclectic Chair

Julie Martinson

Congratulations Julie Martinson for Winning the 2017 Nevada Athletics Silver and Blue Service Award

The Silver and Blue Service Award honors individuals who have volunteered their time and efforts in all support areas to help Wolf Pack Athletics over the years.

As a former member of the Wolf Pack women's basketball team, Julie has worked on the Wolf Pack statistical crew for women's basketball since 1974 and has operated the shot clock at Nevada men's basketball games since the advent of the shot clock in 1986-87. In 1988 she also volunteered at softball and volleyball matches prior to opening her own company, Superior Dental Lab. Click here to learn more.

How Well Do You Know The Rules of Golf?

Assuming individual stroke play is the format for each question, test your golf knowledge with this quiz.

Q1) How many relief options do you have for a lateral water hazard (red stakes and lines)?


Q2) True or False: You are entitled to free relief from a boundary fence that marks the out-of-bounds line.


Q3) True or False: If you knock your ball off of the tee without the intent to make a stroke at the ball, you are allowed to replace the ball on the tee.


Q4) What is the penalty for hitting your partner’s golf bag with your ball?

• 1 stroke and play the ball from where it ends up
• 2 strokes and play the ball from where it ends up
• No penalty, play the ball from where it ends up
• No penalty, replay shot

Q5) True or False: One of your relief options from a water hazard (yellow stakes and lines) is dropping a ball within two club-lengths of where your ball last crossed the margin of the hazard.


Q6) What is the penalty for a player if he accidentally moves his ball while probing the water for it in a water hazard?

• 1 stroke
• 2 strokes
• No penalty, replace the ball

Q7) True or False: You must re-drop the ball if it rolls out more than two club-lengths from the place it first hit the course or if it comes to rest nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief.


Q8) True or False: Any loose impediment may be removed without penalty except for when it and the ball lie in or touch the same hazard.


Q9) True or False: If a player holes out with a wrong ball, he still has the opportunity to correct his mistake without being disqualified.


Q10) True or False: If a player’s ball rests against a flagstick on the lip of the cup and some of the ball remains above the cup, the player is deemed to have holed out.


To view answers click here.

Dianne Nicholson
Rules Chair