June 2017

The Beauty of Red Hawk

We are fortunate to be part of a golf course alive with so much beautiful wildlife. Kyrre Carlsen takes amazing photos of Red Hawk’s landscapes and wildlife, and has generously shared a number of photos with RHWGC. I will be using these to enhance our newsletter headers and will also feature some in our articles. May was an exciting month for Red Hawk as we witnessed the arrival of two new antelope. If you have a photo of the new babies I would very much like to have them for an upcoming issue.

Be sure to read the important tournament information below as well as a good collection of pointers on golf etiquette, by Dianne Nicholson.

Rae Morrow, IT/Website/Newsletter Chair


One of the featured raffles for the member/guest tournament are "member favorites" wine buckets. As part of the Nineteenth Hole theme we hope to bring in some good money for our club. Please give one or two bottles of wine that are your favorites to Mary Brock any time between now and July 7th so she can put the buckets of wine together.

We are anxiously awaiting your team entry form and hope that you are working to get them submitted. It helps our committee plan more efficiently once we have a clear head count.

There are two ways to download the 2-page registration form.

Go to the Red Hawk Women's website and click on the Tournament button under the main photo.

Or, click here and go directly to the form.

If you do not have a team and want to play, contact me and I will match you up with other players.

IMPORTANT! If you are helping to get donations and sponsorships from vendors we have a special request. We have created a donation inventory form to help track contributions. After the tournament we will be handwriting thank you notes to all donors — this is a very important part of our program.

Click to download the form, or contact Pam Kolko or Rae Morrow for a copy.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Pam Kolko, Member Guest Chair

Download Entry Form

Etiquette — An Important Part of the Game

It's a new season and here is a friendly reminder of basic golf etiquette.

1 Pay attention to who is up next. Play ready golf and know who is 'away' and should be hitting. Typically it is the person who is furthest out that hits first. That applies on the green as well.

2 Do not drive or walk past the player who is farthest away and therefore 'up' to hit next. You and your cart partner are not only possibly in danger of being hit, but you are also a distraction to the player hitting.

3 If it is cart path only, take more than one club to avoid having to return to the cart to get 'the right club.'

4 Keep talk to a minimum while others are hitting/putting. There is plenty of time to chat while driving and walking to and from your shots.

5 While on the green, do not stand behind the hole when someone is putting. Do not stand where you might be distracting to another player, such as right behind them or within a couple of feet of them. Movement should be minimal when someone else is putting.

6 If you are tending the flag, stand to the side of the flag stick and be sure your shadow is not covering the hole. Stand still, as fidgeting is distracting. Hold the flag so it isn't flapping in the breeze.

7 When on the green, whoever has the closest putt should mark their ball and tend the flag stick. Whoever holes out first should pick up the flagstick and replace it when all players have holed out.

8 If you lay the flagstick on the ground, lay it either off the green, or far enough away that it does not interfere with another players shot, or is not directly behind the hole as a distraction.

9 Do not walk all over someone else's line, including the line beyond the cup. If the player misses long, they deserve to have a clean putt back. Know where everyone's ball markers are so you know who's next to hit.

10 Walk at a reasonable pace when leaving the green.

11 Rake sand bunkers after your shot. You may either leave the rake with the rake head in the bunker and the handle sticking out. Or leave the rake completely out of the bunker. Try to position the rake in a direction that would least likely impact the movement of an approaching ball.

All these tips will save time and make for an enjoyable round for everyone. Let's have fun out there!

Dianne Nicholson, Rules Chair


Watch for upcoming details about the Intra Club event scheduled for August.

The Birdie and Chip-In list has been updated on the Tournament page of the website.

Please mark your booklets with a new email address for Carole Baumgartner: sunflag59@gmail.com

Ladies, you now have four months to complete your Golf Goddess matches, or one per month. I have put the envelope for finished, completed scorecards ON the file cabinet across from Jeff's desk where we get birdie/chip-in slips.

Janie Smith, Golf Goddess Chair